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Pierre Osteopath x mbonutrition

Discover our Holistic Wellness Program, created by your Osteopath Pierre Etcheverry, and mbonutrition pharmacist and nutritionist.

We are now working for our clients/patients with Muriel B. Ouziel Nutritionist & Pharmacist through a Holistic Wellness Program. 

Photo by Ella Olsson

Our new Holistic Wellness Program includes:

With Muriel Nutrition : 

  • Body analysis
  • Food diary analysis
  • Review of health – symptoms – lifestyle issues 
  • Clinical test interpretation if applicable
  • Support and coaching to achieve your health goals
  • Update on your nutritional and micro-nutritional program
  • Recommendations on supplements if needed

With Pierre Osteopath : 

  • Full case history (injuries, sports back ground)
  • Full assessment of your mobility, flexibility
  • Testing your strength/conditioning capacity
  • Establishing a program tailored for you  

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.