Clinical Pilates and Personal Training in London

Clinical Pilates, Personal Training or a combination of both will increase your strength, boost your flexibility and improve your body confidence.

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We recognise that everyone is an individual and to achieve your goals, we will create a bespoke rehab/training programme. You will benefit from dedicated Clinical Pilates and/or Personal Training one-to-one sessions with Pierre, who will devise a unique dynamic program allowing you to focus on your results.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates known as clinical rehabilitation or clinical exercise is used for patient-specific treatment after an injury or surgery. It differs from Pilates because it takes into account an individual’s specific injuries and physical needs, instead of having multiple individuals complete the same program.

Conditions in adults commonly presenting to osteopaths include, but are not limited to:


• improvement of posture, core muscle strength and flexibility
• reduce risk of injury
• reduce pain (stiffness, tiredness, neck or back pain)
• increase function and fitness
• build core power
• boost immune system
• improve concentration and reduce stress level

Clinical Pilates practice includes also a clinical assessment by a certified instructor. A Clinical Pilates instructor has expert knowledge and training in exercise physiology and pathology. This allows the instructor to tailor a program with targeted exercises that improve and addresses the patient’s concern and reduces the risk of aggravating and re-injuring. The level of personalisation that Clinical Pilates offers is not available in traditional Pilates classes.

Clinical Personal Training

Exercises specifically to your individual requirements. We begin with a thorough assessment of your needs, talking also about any injuries or medical conditions.

We work with clients with

• sports injuries – returning to your sport
• bad backs and stiffness – gradually regaining strength and flexibility
• muscle pulls, and aching joints – relieving pain and advising on the best exercises
• recovering from operations such as hip and knee replacements
• clients with balance problems
• post-natal fitness – getting your shape back (after being checked by a Physio/nurse specialised in the pelvic floor)

Let’s talk about your personal program

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Clinical Pilates & Clinical Personal training (at the studio & home visits)
are available in London zone 1-2.


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