Fresh and natural ingredients Ringana skincare, supplements, meals and sport product range

Pierre Osteopath x Ringana

Enjoy a special offer of Ringana FRESH Skin Care & Supplements

We now work as a Partner/Ambassador with Ringana, a fresh cosmetic brand, ecological and efficient. Visit our Rigana’s page to discover our selection of products with special pricing that complement your treatment with us.

RINGANA was founded in 1996. The brand is well known in Europe because for its vision :

  • Taking active responsibility for our planet
  • Being sustainable
  • Constantly questioning the status quo
  • Continual innovation and self-development

The Ringana cosmetics are made with fresh ingredients. They are not sold in shops due to their short shelf life. Products are sent directly from Ringana which guarantees their quality. The brand recommend using the cosmetics within four months after opening though.


1. Freshness: 100% guaranteed.

2. Efficacy: active substances and freshly produced skin care products and supplements made without artificial preservatives. All are EcoCert certified.

3. Eco-aware: one of Ringana’s top priorities. Good resources and keeping the environment safe.

4. Consistency: Quality and freshness of their products. ‘Vegan’ label on products meaning that they aren’t tested on animals. And their cosmetic bottles are returnable.

Non-genetically-modified, biodegradable packaging made from cornstarch and water (read more about eco-aware

The following products are alcohol-free:

  • Eye serum
  • Body scrub
  • Lip balm
  • Tonic balm
  • Hydro serum
  • Tooth oil
  • Body milk
  • Soap